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This material is a random compilation of some nice sources that can inspire a Sakai instalation. It  represents just the author efforts to organise its own material in the context of the UFPUV Sakai instalation - its intentions is not to be complete nor updated. 

Sakai at UFP - UFPUV

Sakai at production UFPUV (current version):

Sakai pilot - UVUFP (run on Sakai v1.0, since October 2004):

UFPUV stats:

UFPUV wiki:

UFPUV docs:

UFPUV blog:

UFPUV page at

Monitor elearning:

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Sakai worldwide

Sakai Foundation:


Planet Sakai: 

Sakai release management:

Sakai K-12 use:

Sakai Instructor / Student Survey Question Bank:

Surveys & Data (Univ of Michigan): (Indiana Univ):

Exemplo de governação da plataforma Sakai:


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Sakai related stuff

techs to explore with...
Oracle RCF MyFaces
User studies of Sakai usage:;jsessionid=D83B1A75088064F53297F1ADB8D80D4F
UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) Virtual Research Environment Programme (VRE) page:

Snapkast - produce multimedia learning objects:
Simile - Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments:
Designing Interfaces:
How to conduct a heuristic evaluation: and a diagnostic evaluation: FLUID Project (user experience walktroughs):
The A-Z of Usability:
Usability, User experience, and learner experience:
Usability guidelines (W3C):
Sakai UX Kit: Design presentation: url
Agora (Lancaster tools for collaboration):
Mneme (Test Center/Central de Testes):
Melete (Modules/Módulos):
Ferramenta de apoio à localização:

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Papers, presentations and UFPUV & Sakai materials


Associations and Interest Groups

GUIDE - Global Universities in distance Education:

EADTU - Associação Europeia de Universidades de Ensino à Distância:

EDEN -  Rede Europeia de E-Learning:


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