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You can find here some Materials links (please tell me about broken links), relating Materials Science and Engineering, and more, below, which you may think to be interesting.
  • Materials Science on line:

    • Through these links, you can access to several Materials Science sites. Most useful.


  • Matter

  • Matter Science
    Enter the extraordinary world of atomic nuclei, particle accelerators and remarkable materials.


  • Crystallography


  • Microscopy


  • Phase Diagrams


  • Metals

  • Materials Science and Engineering
    aluMATTER is a freely-accessible website that aims to provide innovative and interactive e-learning tools for aluminium science and technology.


  • General Materials Science and Engineering Sites


  • Organizations


  • National Laboratories (U. S.)


  • Universities (U. S.)


  • Jobs



MATERIALS Some good starting points for browsing.

Material science Yahoo Materials Science site.

Materials Google Materials site.

Physics (+) Online resources about physics subjects. From Wolfram.

Physics Yahoo Physics site.

Physics Google Physics site.

World of Physics Eric Weissteins's World of Physics.

PhysicsWeb Physics news and resources (articles).

Everyday Physics How things work.

Fun Physics Physics in Space.

Math Forum Ask Dr. Math.

Metallurgy A very good list of URL's relating Metallurgy!!

NIST Virtual Library: Databases | Labs at Nist | Associations/Institutions/Societies | Universities | Government | Other Web Resources |

Steel YNX Materials Science Resources on the Internet (lots).

Cornell University ONLINE RESOURCES FOR Materials Science and Engineering.

BUBl Link Catalogue of Internet Resources.

MatWeb Your Source for Materials Information.

MIT Classes online: Mathematics for Materials Science; Thermodynamics, Kinetics.

Institut Laue-Langevin Scientific Highlights:  

Green plastics Environmentally-friendly technology.

Biomaterials Links.

ViMS Visualizations in Materials Science (films).

Periodic Table A Resource for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students.

WebElements WebElements TM Periodic table (professional edition).

Tabela periódica Da Escola Secundária de Tomás Cabreira.

Tabela periódica Da Nautilus.

Mathematics and its Application in Engineering and Science Online resources

Polymers and Materials Science Articles online. From Wiley.

Polymer Library


See: http://biblioteca.fe.up.pt


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