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This is the Home Page of the short course "Salt Tectonics". If you click on the interlinks (underlined text and bots), you can navigate and you will find a text and the majority of the plates shown during the course.

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Short Course on Salt Tectonics


Carlos Cramez


In addition to "Salt Tectonics" short course, the following courses are or will be sooner available:

- Glossary of Salt Tectonics
- Basic Principles in Tectonics
- Bassins Sédimentaires et Systèmes Pétroliers
- Introduction to Systemic Stratigraphy
- Seismic Interpretation
- Systemic Stratigraphy Seminar
- Foredeep & Fold Belts
- Volume Problems
- Hydrodynamism
- Turbidite Systems
- Sequence Stratigraphy
- Rocky Mountains
- Offshores Profonds
- Glossary in Sequential Stratigraphy

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